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About The Mens Locker Room

About-Aeneas2As men, there are a lot of responsibilities we are expected to carry on our shoulders for our families, jobs, and communities.  Have you ever wondered if there is a place where you can go to take your backpack of cares off and get refueled, encouraged, and even challenged to take it up a notch in life?

If you are looking for that kind of setting, we invite you to join us at the “Men’s “Locker Room” Bible Study taught by Pastor Aeneas Williams the Hall Of Fame cornerback for the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams.

Pastor Aeneas has a way of breaking the Word down in a simple way where men have fun, laugh and can leave out and apply it right where they live. The atmosphere is open, non-threatening and for all men. Even if you are not into the Bible, you will find the experience enlightening, encouraging, and inspirational.

Meetings are every 1st Monday at 7 p.m. at 915 Northwest Plaza Drive, St. Louis, MO 63074.

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