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About Pastor Aeneas

Pastor Aeneas was raised in New Orleans and was a walk-on at Southern University in his Junior Year. Before earning a B.S. in Accounting in 1990, Pastor Aeneas tied the then Division I-AA single-season interception record with 11 during his senior season. He was drafted in the third round of the 1991 draft by the Arizona Cardinals and was traded to the St. Louis Rams in 2001.

During an illustrious 14-year NFL career with the Arizona Cardinals and St. Louis Rams that included eight Pro Bowls and four All-Pro selections, cornerback Aeneas Williams came to a realization – at times in the locker room you would hear about the rough patches in players lives. This unhappiness was not fueled from anything that happened on the field, but it came from something that was missing in the players’ lives.

Pastor Aeneas, who had made his personal commitment to Jesus Christ during his junior year at Southern University, knew what was missing, just like he knew how to salve those wounds. That was when Pastor Aeneas first began speaking and spreading his message, “Reaching Your Potential,” the foundation for his current interactive speaking engagements.

Pastor Aeneas retired from football in 2004, but he continues to spread his message through speaking engagements across the country to NFL teams such as New England Patriots, New Orleans Saints, Baltimore Ravens and others. Several corporations and ministries have engaged his speaking services as well. Pastor Aeneas is also a regular on KTVI, FOX 2 as a color commentator during the football season on Sundays. All is secondary to his job as pastor of The Spirit Church, in St. Louis, Missouri where he has garnered respect as a leader and role model due to his tireless and extensive outreach in the community.


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